Tattooing FAQ


How do I send in my tattoo project?

Please email me with a detailed description of your tattoo idea, placement and size. Feel free to include any images that help explain your idea (ex: these photos could be for placement or subject matter). Please use metric measurements (ie: cm) for size description. Please refrain from going in depth into the meaning behind your project, as I read a lot of emails and that can be confusing to organize my inbox and remember submissions. I am always happy to hear about the significance in person during your consult or the time of the tattoo. I am only one person so please be patient in waiting for a reply!

When do your books open? How far in advance do I need to submit my project?

My books for custom projects are always open, unless posted otherwise on my Instagram page. If my books are closed, it means I’m booking too far in advance and need to wait until I can catch up with my schedule. When my books are open I typically book actual appointments 2-3 months in advance. That means that at the time of your consult we will be booking your tattoo appointment 2-3 months from then. I try to book consultations 1-3 weeks from your initial project submission email. If my books are closed I am still probably booking flash! Feel free to email me anytime for flash designs and booking those. Typically any cancellations or shifts in my schedule will be filled with flash.

What is your booking process like?

All custom tattoo appointments are booked through my email and are screened to ensure that I can fully creatively invest in the tattoo design. I won’t tattoo anything that does not interest me or fall within my current tattoo style. If your project is accepted I always arrange for an in person consultation to make sure that we are both on the same page for the idea, placement and size. We book the actual tattoo appointment at the time of the consultation. Exceptions can be made for the in person consultation portion of my booking process if you are out of town or travelling - just be sure to include that information in your email.

What kind of tattoo projects do you like to do?

I only tattoo pieces in my own style and that are drawn by me. All pieces that I tattoo are drawn and designed from scratch. I don’t do pieces that are smaller than 5” in size, any color work, portraits, Pinterest-trending ideas, minimalist style tattoos, script or geometric elements. I always love to do anything nature themed, botanical or animal (snakes and birds!!), and anything anatomical. These things are what I am most interested in and what I’m happiest doing.

Do you do cover ups?

I don’t typically accept cover up projects as my style isn’t dark enough to effectively cover a lot of tattoos. It uses a lot of untouched skin as highlight areas and negative space within a composition. There are exceptions - if your piece is extremely light and small or if you’ve had previous laser removal sessions to lighten the tattoo. Feel free to send a photo of your tattoo and I am happy to let you know what I think I can work with.

Can you add onto/touch up an existing piece I have by another artist?

I don’t touch or add onto any piece done by another artist. If you have a piece that you would like to add onto, I am happy to create a composition that compliments your existing piece without adding onto it directly. If you need a touch up for a piece the general rule is to ask the artist that tattooed you.

What is your rate and deposit?

All information regarding my pricing and deposits are sent through a prompt in email if your project is accepted.

How do I book a flash design with you?

All flash designs are posted via Instagram and these are the only times I will accept a direct message through Instagram to book an appointment. They are priced at a flat rate, detailed in my style and for the most part, fixed at a certain size. I typically only tattoo flash on arms or legs. My flash designs are only tattooed once. You can always email me to see my available flash if you haven’t seen a recent post.

Are you working in Montreal or Saskatoon? Are you planning to come back to Montreal?

I am located in Saskatoon, SK at a private studio downtown. I plan to make periodic trips back to Montreal to work at Black Rose Tattoo and all guest spots will be posted through my Instagram when I am ready to receive project submissions.