Stephanie Mah
Saskatoon, SK


Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Stephanie Mah graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours from the University of Saskatchewan in 2017. During her time there she gained support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and sold work to the University of Saskatchewan's permanent collection. She is a multidisciplinary artist that allows immense detail to be represented in her work through representation of anatomy, botany, nature and portraiture. Though the themes of her work are constantly evolving, she gains inspiration through human's interaction with nature and various personal relationships. Her extensive background in drawing has been beneficial to her oil painting and printmaking practice, and more recently tattooing. 

Stephanie is currently painting and tattooing in a private studio in Saskatoon, SK. She spent the past year and a half tattooing in Montreal, QC and keeps a close connection with the Black Rose Tattoo studio and intends to spend her time between the prairies and east coast.

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photography:  Kenton Doupe

photography: Kenton Doupe